(Kasut別放錯!)風水大師說:門口放鞋櫃。最好的風水其實是這樣 ,千萬不要在犯錯了!

(Kasut don't put it wrong!) Feng Shui master said: put a shoe cabinet at the door. The best feng shui is actually like this, don't make mistakes!There are many taboos on Feng Shui in the shoe cabinet, including the taboo facing the door, the taboo height is too high, the taboo color is fancy, the taboo mascot, the taboo shoe cabinet in the bedroom, and the taboo shoes are not arranged neatly.

If you want to place a shoe cabinet indoors, it is best to place it near the gate. The main content introduced today is the Feng Shui taboo in the shoe cabinet. I hope it can help you.1.

Where is the shoe cabinet more suitable? Small shoes also have magnetic fields, which can also affect feng shui. Many women have a large number of different styles of shoes, and they like to put them in their bedrooms to choose shoes and shirts before going to the street. However, in feng shui science, shoes should only be placed near the entrance, but should not be placed elsewhere in the house, including the bedroom.

For homes where the door faces the corridor, the shoe cabinet can also double as a screen, blocking the evil spirits that come straight into the door. As for new shoes that have never been on the street, or slippers for indoor use, there is no problem placing them anywhere in the home. Therefore, if space is a concern, a small shoe cabinet can be placed at the entrance of the porch, and only the daily replacement shoes can be placed. New shoes or seasonal shoes can be wiped and placed in the rest of the room.

2. Feng Shui taboos placed on the shoe cabinet are opposite to the door: In the Feng Shui of shoe cabinets, the placement of the shoe cabinets should not be directly opposite the entrance. The side on which the entry is placed is the best placement. Feng Shui Zuo Qinglong is often mentioned here, and the right white tiger puts his dirty shoe cabinet on the right side of the door, that is, the white tiger, will resist the evil spirit and bring good luck to the residents.

The taboo height is too high: the height of the shoe cabinet should not exceed one third of the space of the house, nor should it exceed the height of the occupants. In Feng Shui, the top is the genius, the middle is the talent, and the bottom is the ground. He wears articles that protect his feet and therefore belongs to the ground. If the middle person is too high, it will affect the physical and mental health of the whole family.

Taboo fancy color: In the feng shui of the shoe cabinet, the shoe cabinet should not be hidden or exposed, and the fancy shoe cabinet is too eye-catching, so that it cannot be seen at first glance as a shoe cabinet. Of course, putting some flowers, artworks, etc. on the shoe cabinet not only adds beauty, but also has a good reminder function.Taboo mascots: In the home decoration space, many people place the lucky mascots such as crickets and unicorns on the shoe cabinets in order to save space.

In the taboo, it will have an adverse effect on home feng shui.Taboo shoe cabinets placed in the bedroom: Some ladies put shoe cabinets in the bedroom for makeup, dressing, and shoes selection, which is not advisable. The gas field of shoes has a great impact on the feng shui of the bedroom. Will affect your marriage, so friends with this situation should adjust as soon as possible.

Taboo shoes are not arranged neatly: to avoid messy shoes placement, affecting aesthetics, the shoes you pass must be washed in time to remove odor, so as not to pollute the indoor air, the toe is best placed in the cabinet, otherwise, every time you open When the shoe cabinet takes shoes, the tip of the shoe faces itself, forming a fire brake. Over time, it is not harmful to health.This concludes the introduction of the taboo of Feng Shui in the shoe cabinet. I believe that after reading, everyone has a certain understanding of the display of Feng Shui in the shoe cabinet.

If you are going to place a shoe cabinet indoors, you can refer to the Feng Shui taboo of shoe cabinet placement introduced by Xiaobian for everyone. .Related Reading.(His mother-in-law said it was not superstition!

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